I’ve been covering a cough/flu since a month now, thanks to the “I-hate-modern-medicine” part of me who refuses to swallow any chemicals-based pills and the “I-am-too-lazy” part of me, who well, is too lazy to prepare any natural concoctions to fight the ugly bacterias. As a result, I ended up taking a leave without pay from work yesterday (I am only entitled paid leaves as from today, being my 1 year anniversary at the job;bitter sweet irony, huh?). I probably coughed and threw out 1/3 of my lungs and I wondered if the smoking wasn’t majorly responsible for this.

Anyway! When I was back to work today and pondering about how a stupid flu could be having the best of 200-and-something-lbs me during my free time, I pondered so deep that I imagined how it would be like, if I actually was living my last days on this earth. (Just writing the last sentence took me about 5 minutes between the thinking and the coughing, so you have an idea how bad it is) Back to the fruits of my pondering, I thought to myself that if I were to leave this awful world, there would probably be more regrets than just leaving a loving family behind. There should be something that I would miss. Not that you can really miss anything when you’re dead, but hey, blame it on the germs eating part of my brain.

So, with the part of my brain which was still struggling to be functional, and because dying young is a fate which does not happen only to others, I came up with a bucket/to-do/last wills list I would like to accomplish before turning 30 and gray, that I wanted to share with you. Any ideas are the most welcome, since, again blame it on the bacterias, I cannot think of much lately.

1. Work out

Because working out is the actual topic I am trying not to avoid. Working out leads to a trimmer body, leading probably to a happier me and happy people have a longer life expectancy (at least I hope).


I work out!!!

2. Have a “bitch-for-one-day” day.

I read about a funny article in a German magazine a few years ago, about that shy girl who is usually afraid to assert herself and avoid being pushed around, but who decided to act bitchy for a day just to know about the feeling and related about it. I was soooo inspired. I am not usually shy, but sometimes reserved and I have seen more of my reserved sides lately than I needed to.

3. Gang bang !?

OK, ‘nuf said, don’t judge, have mercy (grin).

4. Play the guitar.

Actually, I started to learn a few years ago. I took lessons during 5 months before I flew to the unknown as an Au-pair to Germany. I even brought my guitar along, in the hope that I would finally be able to play “More than words”. The guitar is in better hands now but I still regret not being able to show off my skills during camping nights at the beach.

5. Last will stuff: Have “TNT” by AC/DC played at my funerals.

I just love this song, it’s timeless and I will probably be rocking in my coffin if they grant me this very last wish. I should update my family about this one though.

6. Visit a few countries/cities like Ireland, New Zealand, New York, Bali and Holland

This is my top 5 list in descending order. I will surely not be able to achieve that one before 30, mostly due to my budget (except if I meet a millionaire who would accept taking me on a world tour without asking anything in return, you never know! Anyone out there feeling philanthropic??? ). With some savings or maybe some happy turns with my lucky numbers, I can probably afford the first one.

7. Get inked.

This one depends on No 1. I feel like a nice big tattoo on my back would look even sexier with a trimmed body. I am already thinking of the motives I would like to see on my skin and trying not to think too much about what it will look like when I’ll be 70 (if ever).

8. Have a song written for me.

Tough one. I guess I should start updating my contact list with a few musically gifted people and get them bewitched or even find a part time bashful lover who doesn’t mess with notes??? I will figure out.

This is how far I got during my spare time at work today but I will be extending this list as soon as I get my working mind back on track.

XOXO Dona.